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Do you prefer live or underground music?

‘It depends if I want to get smashed or chill’

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Man reported to police for allegedly peeping on freshers is a maintenance worker

He’s working on the top floor of a building opposite Marketgate Halls

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Meet the inventor of the Kettle Kup: Bianca Polizzi

Her idea is being fought over by international investors

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Second year makes documentary about his crazy, debauched lifestyle

‘A girl pissed on me once – it was pretty funny’

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Clubbers of the week

Your drunken antics immortalised online

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Dear Colston Hall students: Here’s how to use a pan properly

An instructional guide from the good people of UWE

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Fresher throws pool party in Brecon Court and floods his bathroom

Security called it a ‘monumentally stupid idea’

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Thekla is hosting an alternative freshers fair at the end of the month

Probably the only nightclub in Bristol which is also a boat

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Three teenagers trap themselves in abandoned mine for seven hours

‘I was unable to move or control my breathing’

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We asked what you think about this year’s Summer Ball

Does the risk of your stiletto heel getting stuck in animal droppings outweigh the countless animal selfies?

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Who are you voting for? Take our General Election Survey

It’s make your mind up time

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Why going to a festival is the worst thing you could do this summer

Oh great, Kings of Leon are playing…

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Unsuccessful elections candidate accuses SU President of influencing voters

£18k a year Union official denies it was wrong for him to back several candidates publicly

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We asked girls if they think UWE has a ‘lad culture’ problem

Depressingly, they’ve all been groped on nights out

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Best dressed on campus

Take some fashion advice from this lot