Students protest over Newcastle University’s restrictions on Muslim prayer space

One student said they feel ‘betrayed’

There’s a restaurant in Newcastle doing bottomless chicken nuggets and chips

All about that nugg life

Greggs are giving out free festive bakes RIGHT NOW in Newcastle


Third years hold fireworks bonanza in their Jesmond student house

There was classical music, hot-dogs and complimentary Carling

‘Taches and trebs: SNM team up with the Movember Foundation so we can party for a good cause

Whether you’re growing a wondrous moustache or looking for a man who is

Newcastle University is officially the laziest university

And they say there ain’t no rest for the wicked

Video: Crowds gathered to sing Toto’s Africa at the Monument last night

But the police threatened arrest, oops

The Newcastle Badminton team forwarded a newsletter with old members in blackface

The club had previously been rewarded for their inclusivity by the SU

This fourth year in Jesmond lost his signet ring and put up posters trying to find it

There’s a cash reward for whoever finds it

Sing-a-long to Toto’s Africa at Monument has been cancelled

Knew it was too good to be true

‘Deny deny deny’: Texts sent between Newcastle students before police questioning over the death of a fresher last year

Student witnesses have been encouraged to seek legal representation before the inquest next May

Mobike is officially here in the Toon

Get excited

Bar Blanc and The Tab are hosting a charity open mic night on Monday

Let’s have a frothy and a sing song

Man arrested for reportedly attempting an armed robbery at Londsdale pub

It happened last night

Debbie Dumpling attended another house party and sat on a second year’s face

Newcastle’s famous ‘roly poly’ stripper is back

SU President backs students in response to the recent Jesmond noise complaint crisis

The VC sent out a patronising email on Friday

A Newcastle fresher texted his boss asking to get off work because he brought some girls back

Now the public is voting whether to let him keep his job

Exclusive: Geordie Shore’s Marty filmed swinging dick at student after party

He hosted a 24-hour afters with 10 students

There’s going to be a massive sing-a-long of Toto’s Africa at Monument

Will it actually happen tho