Fresher burns down his uni room after three days

He forgot to unplug his hairdryer

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King’s is one of the worst unis at dealing with mental health according to its students

Demand for counselling is on the rise

Apply for The Tab Fellowship at King’s

There are ten spots

King’s to strike a library deal after fears of 24/7 cut

The pilot scheme was a success

Three per cent of King’s students will be victim to violent and sexual crimes

Less than LSE though

King’s ranked just outside of the top 20 universities in the world

We were squeezed out of the top 20 by Edinburgh

Over 1500 students and staff are taking part in King’s consent campaign

‘It Stops Here’ campaign provides more knowledge and support for the student community

King’s ranked the second worst uni for student satisfaction in the UK

National Student Survey figures have been released today

20 inspirational women at King’s

In no particular order

King’s has been ranked in the top one per cent of unis in the world

And top ten in the UK

King’s respond to Postgraduate deposit dilemma

Is it wrong to ask students to have part of their Postgraduate finances sorted beforehand?

Why I dropped out of university

University: best or worst decision of your life?

Dear sixth formers, this is why you should ditch UCL for King’s

We’re much more fun

King’s the fourth best university in the UK for Law

Apart from that, we haven’t done great

Petition to stop mandatory £1000 deposit for MA students

‘This student-led petition demands that the deposit is dropped, and the application fee abolished’