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Town vs. Gown: Rugby Match Report

University prevail 59-12 in annual fixture against local rugby club.

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Is sexual harassment happening more because of heavy drinking?

We found out what you really think

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BBC to televise Varsity Rugby Match

They’ve fought Sky over this because we’re such a big deal

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Cuppers of Cuppers: Which college is the best at sport?

The Tab has hired a statistician. This is the result

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John’s dominates college sport this season¬†

“They hate us ‘cus they ain’t us”¬†

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The Tab Meets: Dwain Chambers

JAMIE WEBB meets Dwain Chambers at the Union and tries to seperate the fact from the fiction.

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Lent Bumps: Day 3

Yet more high-paced drama

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Lent Bumps: Day 2

more rowing

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Save Lent Bumps

Won’t somebody please think of the boaties?

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Amber Army on the march to Old Trafford

Labour MP candidate for Cambridge DANIEL ZEICHNER woos us with his match report