“When I realised I might have got into Cambridge I thought: ‘It’s either the home or the college work.’ I chose the work.”

Hero Jacob Lewis has revealed Cambridge gave him a harder offer than nearly everyone else, despite the fact he was homeless.

Jacob, from Cardiff, had his offer to study Law at Hughes Hall increased from the University average of A*AA to four A*s.

The stoic 22-year-old was forced to give up nearly all of his paid work to reach these inflated requirements, ultimately forcing him to leave his house.

And you thought you had it tough

And you thought you had it tough

Hughes Hall refused to lower their ridiculous offer despite dedicated efforts from Jacob’s sixth form college to inform them he was now homeless.

Lewis, who left home at 18 and worked “every hour under the sun” to meet rent payments, told The Tab in a previous interview he “was finishing my shift at four am and getting to college at nine, having to get up at six to do an essay I hadn’t been able to start.

“When I realised I might have got into Cambridge I thought: ‘It’s either the home or the college work.’ I chose the work.”

“Had it been A*AA it might have been a different story.”

Homeless kid

At least there’s a happy ending

According to Jacob, Hughes Hall were aware of his work situation when they made their offer in January.

The college, dedicated to mature students, told The Tab: “We made Mr Lewis an offer appropriate to his academic circumstances as part of the normal admissions process.

“We are delighted that he has met his conditions and look forward to welcoming him in October along with our other new students.”

No thanks to you

No thanks to you

Jacob thinks his college raised his grades because of “a general academic snobbery towards the Sociology A Level and the Welsh Baccalaureate.”

He added: “To be honest, I just saw it as a challenge. Once I’d given up my house I realised there was not going back.”

This comes amid fears of declining numbers of Welsh admissions to Cambridge, with successful applicants falling from 89 in 2003 to just 50 in 2013.

Wales has one of the lowest rates of Oxbridge acceptance in the UK, with just 22 per cent of applicants being offered places in 2012, compared to the 28 per cent average for English admissions.


  • So I heard

    disadvantaged students have to work harder to get into Oxbridge

  • t

    its not snobby, he just did easy subjects so their offer reflected that

  • opaqueentity

    ‘University average of A*AA to four A*s.’

    Yes, an average, which often means that people will have to get higher or lower!

    • yeahyeahyeah

      A reasonable +/- margin is to expected but A*AA to A*A*A*A* is ridiculous.

      • A Sensitive Scholar

        If I recall properly, A*A*AA is not an unusual offer for Law at Cambridge, which is a very competitive course. A*A*A*A* for somebody studying a Mickey Mouse subject like Sociology is pretty fair compared to the other logical response: outright rejection.

      • opaqueentity

        Depends what everyone else is having to get as well. If there were a lot of candidates they can pick who they want. Why take people who got A*AA when there are people that get A*A*A*A*?
        Race to the top. Getting A’s is simply not good enough when there are better candidates out there maybe?


    I don’t get this whole thing of “This group of people haven’t been getting in, this is bad”. Why are we thinking about their nationality, ethnicity or whatever group they belong to when we should be thinking about their merits?

    • A Sensitive Scholar

      It’s based on the demonstrable liberal myth that all people are equal when empirical evidence shows that talent is not actually spread evenly across genders and ethnic groups (east Asian people, for example, are more intelligent on average than Europeans). At an elite institution such as Cambridge these inequalities are on clear display and the blinkered, ideological leftists just cannot wrap their heads around it.

      English people are vastly superior to Welsh people, as any honest person can admit.