Carolina fans pledge money to Flint, MI in response to insensitive Duke sign

The Duke fan’s sign reads ‘the water tastes better in North Carolina’

During Duke’s game against Michigan State tonight, a member of the “Cameron Crazies” held up one of the shittiest signs in sports history, proving once again that UNC can fit more integrity in the Dean Dome than Duke can fit in its entire institution.

The sign said, “the water tastes better in North Carolina” and immediately piqued the interest of basketball fans and reporters.

Even Sport’s Illustrated writer and DUKE ALUM, Seth Davis, took to Twitter to tell Duke they really suck for this one.

A UNC J-School alum, Katherine Fitzgerald, saw this complete miss and decided it would be a great time to remind the world that Flint’s water crisis isn’t a joke…it’s a fucking crisis. She pledged to donate money every time Michigan State player Miles Bridges scores.

The Carolina community quickly caught on, with UNC Humor spreading Fitzgerald’s kindhearted idea.

It caught national attention, with sports writers pledging to also provide money to Bridges’ hometown.

Way to keep it classy, Carolina. And GO TO HELL DUKE – even though you made that boy put his sign down, you and your jokes really aren’t cute.