A federal judge just stopped UNC from enforcing HB2

This first step is a win for the UNC community

U.S. District Judge Thomas Schroeder just ruled that the University of North Carolina cannot block two transgender students and an employee from using the bathrooms that match their gender identity.

On Friday, his preliminary injunction ruled in favor of the lawsuit filed by two students and a UNC employee. This news comes only two days after the gender neutral bathroom signs in the Campus Y were ripped down.

Although Judge Schroeder did clarify the ruling only applies to the plaintiffs, he believes HB2 violates the Title IX law, and therefore, he expects the plaintiffs’ case to succeed.

BuzzFeed News reports Judge Schroeder said, “The court will enjoin UNC form enforcing Part I against the individual transgender Plaintiffs until the court reaches a final decision on the merits in this case.”

A final decision will not come until after the trial in November.