That 8am STOR 155 exam will be postponed

We (pretty much) did it, fam

After 850 signatures on a petition to move tomorrow’s 8am STOR 155 exam, our voices have been heard. The test will be postponed to April 7th.

Students in this section of STOR 155 just received the following email.

Unless someone emails Dylan Glotzer with an objection to the change, it looks like we can stay on Franklin Street all night long.

Petition-maker MC Farrington said: “This is exactly why I love UNC. The students here are amazing and supportive, and our massive class really worked together yesterday. No matter what the outcome was, I was really excited that my class got to know each other so much better. I totally respect whatever decision Mr. Glotzer makes, but I’m damn proud to be a Tar Heel.”

I think we all owe Dylan a big thank you.

We feel you, Tim. Next up, we’re tackling the Organic II lab final. GO FIGHT WIN.