There’s a petition to reschedule an 8am STOR 155 exam tomorrow

‘Due to extreme circumstances’

Almost 750 UNC students and alumni have signed a petition calling for an 8am STOR 155 exam on Tuesday to be rescheduled.

The “Introduction to Statistics” course is taught by Prof. Dylan Glotzer. UNC student Maryclaire Farrington started the petition – addressed to the UNC Statistics Department – on Sunday afternoon.

“As students of our beloved UNC Chapel Hill, we are extremely excited about the potential life-changing game scheduled for Monday night.  Unfortunately the students of Glotzer’s STOR 155 class are required to take an 8AM test the morning after.

“Due to the chaos that may surround Monday night, we are requesting that our test be moved to a later time, or a later date, so that we may abandon our studies and watch the game without anxiety of our looming test.

“As students of this prestigious university, we are honored that we can receive such a valuable education while still having the opportunity to experience this exciting sports season.  Thank you.”

The petition was shared in the Facebook group Overheard at UNC, and it now has 228 likes. The feedback has been mostly positive, with students, alumni and even a UNC professor weighing in on the request.

Tonight will be a big night no matter what, and no one wants to sit through an 8am Stats exam tomorrow morning. Whatever happens, we’ll keep you updated. GO HEELS.