Meet Anthony Bowman, Franklin Street’s dancing hot dog

He’s in the B-school, too

Franklin Street is well known for all of its fantastic restaurants. Sup Dogs, one of the best (if not the best) hot dog joints, serves up delicious dogs, but it’s unique for another reason. The restaurant features a dancing hot dog in front of their store.

The Tab UNC spoke with junior Anthony Bowman, the man in the hot dog suit, who is much more than just a good dancer.


Did you actually apply to be a dancing hot dog?

I actually applied to be a server, not knowing they were mostly women. They came back and said they needed someone to dress up in a hot dog suit. I accepted the job and it’s been great. I plan to continue doing it until I graduate.

What are some of the best stories you have from people coming up to you while you’re working?

The best stories all involve the kids who come to eat. They call me Mr. Hot Dog Man or the Dancing Hot Dog and it’s always really fun. Sometimes their parents get upset because I distract them from eating. Once, some kids put all their food on one plate and asked me to eat it while I was working. I had to decline, of course, but it was really funny.

I’ve also had some people come ask me for dancing lessons, which is funny because I’m just out there having a good time.


If people ask you for lessons, do they ever dance with you?

Some people come up and dance with me while I’m working. A lot of those times they have a friend videoing the whole thing. Sometimes people get right up next to me and take pictures to show their friends. I mean right up next to me. It can be hard to keep my personal space, but that’s okay.

I love when people come dance with me because that makes the work go by that much faster. It’s more fun when I have a crowd.

What do you do when you’re not a dancing hot dog?

I’m actually in the business school here. I’m also president of the Marketing Club. I spend most of my time studying and trying to get some internships lined up for the summer.


Do you put “dancing hot dog” on your resume?

No, not usually. I do like to use it as an icebreaker when we name an interesting fact or play two truths and a lie. It’s always really cool to see my coworkers react to the story.

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