CFTK recruits record number of dancers for UNC Dance Marathon

Dancing FTK

Carolina for the Kids were in the Pit last week recruiting dancers for spring 2016’s Dance Marathon – and this time around, they brought in a record number of dancers. 2,447 UNC students signed up to participate in the fundraiser.

During this year’s Dancer Recruitment Week from October 5-9, members of CFTK were in the Pit from 10am-2pm every day, donning green tank tops and over-the-top costumes. Their attempts in rallying students to dance were obviously successful.

Their choreographed dance routines in the Pit drew a huge crowd, along with other performances by acapella and dance groups in front of the FTK booth.

The 2016 UNC Dance Marathon will be held on April 1st, but committee members of CFTK have a lot more in store for the student body before then.

If you don’t already know – but really, how could you not? – UNC Dance Marathon is a fundraiser organized by Carolina for the Kids. At the beginning of each fall semester, participants sign up for free, set a fundraising goal – the minimum is $150 – and attempt to reach it by the time of the marathon in April.

To put that into perspective, if every dancer who signed up this year raises the minimum $150 to dance, that’s automatically $367,050 in donations for the foundation. All of the proceeds go directly to help kids served by UNC Children’s Hospital.

Oh, and one more thing. Each dancer who attends the marathon must commit to dancing or standing for a full 24 hours as a contribution to the children in the hospitals here.

While nonstop dance is encouraged, there are some alternative activities to take part in if dancing gets old. If dancers want to play basketball or video games, that’s an option too.

The event also includes five free meals to keep participants fueled for the duration of the marathon.

April 1st. 2016. Be there. FTK.

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