I tried to eat Franklin St delivery for a week and now I hate myself

‘Topperstix sober on a Wednesday night just doesn’t feel right’

In the season of midterms, papers and all-nighters, only one thing was on my mind: food. The other thing on my mind was staying in bed, because Hurricane Joaquin caused a continual downpour outside.

So I ordered delivery food, one of my favorite pastimes.

I decided to go after the best of Chapel Hill’s delivery food for five days straight. Why? So you don’t have to do it yourselves. Also, I only had to pause my Netflix for like five minutes. I also rated each delivery, but it’s not scientific at all.

Night One

I am literally starving, and I go for one of my favorites – BSki’s. Is that drool on the keyboard? I order a BSki’s Original T-Ski – keep it classic – and fries with extra ranch, bringing it to $9.25. It took 30 minutes which is kind of “meh.”

Flavor: 9. Come on, it’s BSki’s
Delivery: 7. Antonio was very kind and patient. He parked kind of far away though, and we’ve already covered my feelings on moving
Accuracy: 10. Two sides of ranch, hold the mayo
Creativity: 10. But why are they called skis?
Price: 5. I didn’t even get a drink
Average: 8.2

Night Two

This time, I’m craving something sweet. And if I’m trying the classic delivery options, Insomnia Cookies has to be in the mix. I go for a brownie à la mode and a chocolate chunk cookie. I’m hungry, OK? 30 minutes later I am raging for chocolate and it finally arrives.

Flavor: 10. Insomnia is the reason why I live
Delivery: 9. Literally the nicest woman but I forgot to take her picture. So sad
Accuracy: 10
Creativity: 10. It’s just cookies, and that’s what makes it so brilliant
Price: 4. Although it was dinner, it ran me a little high at $9.30
Average: 8.6

Night Three

It’s time for Toppers. It’s also shortbread appreciation week so I got 35 percent off. Blessed.

I go for the Topperstix with Ranch, and it only took 18 minutes.

Flavor: 6. I hate to do this, but Toppersticks sober on a Wednesday night just doesn’t feel right
Delivery: 10. Pretty fast. I even got a text message when I didn’t hear my phone ring (sorry Nate)
Accuracy: 7. I didn’t get any marinara sauce which was probably my fault, but still
Creativity: 3. It’s pizza
Price: 10. I love discounts. $6.89
Average: 7.2

Night Four

At this point, I’m getting a little tired of spending money and feeling like crap. Toppers really made me question my life decisions up to this point. So I go for Jimmy John’s because there are vegetables (maybe?) and order the Pepe – ham with provolone, lettuce, tomato and mayo. It makes me feel a little better, but not much.

Flavor: 8. I do love a good sandwich
Delivery: 10. Freaky fast is right – five minutes after my confirmation email
Accuracy: 10. I added cucumber and I got it
Creativity: 4. Not quite one of a kind
Price: 8. $6.75 plus tip is not bad
Average: 8

Night Five

By the time the final night rolls around, I am offered a home cooked meal and I really can’t turn it down. My bank account is empty, I feel like a ball of sodium and I don’t really want anything else.

I had planned to finish out the week with Wings Over but the thought of fried chicken was unappreciated. So yes, everything in moderation – even delivery food.

If you get anything out of this, get Insomnia. It got the highest score which means literally nothing, but cookies are always worth it. Treat yo self.

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