Relax – the emergency evacuation email was a ‘false alarm’

It was mistakenly sent out to Coogs rather than Lone Star College

Dining halls to serve ‘continental breakfast’ as water contamination issue remains unresolved

And Starbucks will only serve pastries

UH Dining to resume services in morning following contaminated water scare

Students were frustrated with the lack of communication from the university

When Westboro Baptist Church protested the Gender Infinity Conference at UH

They came to Houston as part of their ‘God Hates Trannies’ campaign

Two UH students assaulted at M.D. Anderson Library

‘I guess the guy attacking her pushed her down to the ground because she was bleeding from her mouth’

‘I am just angry’: UH reacts after Rohini sanctions

The announcement was made after #RemoveRohini went viral

The #RemoveRohini debate will come to head in a Town Hall on Tuesday

University of Houston students have shown that student leaders won’t get away with ignorant remarks