Dining halls to serve ‘continental breakfast’ as water contamination issue remains unresolved

And Starbucks will only serve pastries

Dorms are currently serving continental breakfast and Starbucks can only serve pastries as yesterday’s “brown water” issue continues.

At 4:30a.m., UH Dining announced the Starbucks locations across campus (Melcher Hall, Student Center, and Satellite) and Einstein’s Bagels at Philip Guthrie Hoffman (PGH) Hall will serve only pastries this morning.

Kishan Srikanth, 19, Honors Biomedical Science said: “The breakfast in Cougar Woods Dining Hall is just toast, pastries and cereal and you can’t get it to go”.



The tweet mentioned in the previous article about UH Dining opening in the morning has since been deleted.

Instead, Fresh Foods at Moody Towers and Cougar Woods by Cougar Place will serve a “continental breakfast” this morning. Students are discouraged from consuming the water but must use their own judgement about bathing and showering.

Finally, UH released an official statement overnight about the water contamination issue.  They emailed students at 6:05 a.m. and tweeted the statement in full:

“The University of Houston Main Campus is presently experiencing discoloration of water in its facilities supplies by the City of Houston.

“As a precaution, until the city identifies the problem and ensures it is safe for consumption, the University of Houston is recommending our campus community avoid drinking tap water on campus.

“UH is coordinating with the City of Houston to flush the water system on campus to expedite removal of discolored water. Both the city and University are collecting water samples for testing and expect expedited results.”

University of Houston