US News and World Report’s university rankings are out and you’re never going to believe who they tied us with

Yeah, I have a lot of questions. Number 1: How dare you?

The results are in: US News and World Report ranked UCLA as the #21 university in the United States, three spots higher than our ranking at #24 last year. UCLA even ranks above Carnegie Mellon, NYU, and Boston College and falls just behind Georgetown. This ranking comes after the World University Rankings ranked us within the top 15 universities in the world and The Tab discovered we are one of the hardest universities to get into.

While a high ranking isn't unusual for UCLA, just who we were ranked with is shocking to say the least.

Tied for slot 21 with UCLA is none other than USC and UC Berkeley. Granted, Emory University is also tied at #21, but we're cool with them (and in this situation they're kind of like that sibling that looks like no one else in the family…). I mean, come on, USC and Berkeley are our two biggest rivals. This is either some sort of joke to spice things up at the US News and World Report's office, or an attempt to put all three universities on an even playing field to see who will win out for next year's rankings.

My money's on the Bruins.