UCLA ranks in the top 15 universities worldwide

‘UCLA alum’ will look great on a resume

As if we didn't have enough reason for Bruin Pride (see: every college ranking list ever, including this one), the Times Higher Education World University Rankings for 2018 place UCLA as the 15th best school in the world.

A stroll through campus sounds nice right about now, doesn't it? ??

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The THE World University Rankings is the biggest international raking list to date. They score schools based on four core missions and use 13 performance indicators for holistic and balanced results. In other words, it's about as accurate as it gets.

We even ranked three slots above Berkeley, which is weird. And our favorite friends at USC scored a whopping 66th place. It's like they're not even trying.

Each year, UCLA climbs higher and higher into national recognition. Our diverse student body, esteemed professors and well-rounded accomplishments clearly make UCLA one of the greatest places to be in the world.

Because let's face it, who would want to be anywhere else?

Photo / John Abughattas

Photo / John Abughattas