Temple University is the most sexually active campus, according to a new survey

Keep doing your thing, Owls

According to a new survey, Temple University is ranked the top sexually active campus of all U.S. campuses.

This survey used a unique formula to find the sexual exposure of college students on each of these campuses. From the 2,000 current and former college students, they asked about the students’ sexual habits, how many sexual partners they’ve had in total and how many they’ve had while in college.

The formula:

CollegeStats.org states, “Degree of Exposure” is how many steps of separation exist within your range of indirect partners. A degree of exposure of “1” is the number of partners you have had, while a degree of exposure of “2” is the number of partners you have had plus all your partner’s partners – and so on.

Temple University, a school with 38, 297 total students, beat schools such as Rutgers University, Cornell University and Florida State University. And, we also beat Pennsylvania State University, who finished last on the survey.

The survey also showed that men had an average of about 14 sexual partners at the time of the survey, while women had fewer than 12. However, both genders concluded that at the time of college both sexes have the same amount of sexual activity, averaging close to 5 people.

For women, a total of 43 percent of sexual partners came from their college experience while men had only 35 percent occurring during college.

College Stats also reports the number of college students who use protection or not during sex and surprisingly, most students use protection more than one would think.

Over 15 percent of students responded of never using a condom and had close to 18 partners on average. Both genders surveyed using condoms always, but 65% of the men responded only using a condom when it’s available to them. The study also showed that 75% of men only used condoms if their partner asks to use it.

Along with being the number one sugar baby school in the country, Temple University adds this new ranking to their accomplishments.

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