Ohio State pickup lines that are guaranteed to get you feeling the love tonight

You don’t have to be alone tonight

If you’re in a relationship this valentines day, congratulations! But if you’re not, we’re here to help you get a little creative with your pickup lines and maybe even get you laid. For those of you who aren’t excellent with the chit-chat, we’ve got you covered.¬†We guarantee¬†that if you use these pickup lines, you’ll definitely get a reaction out of your OSU Crush.

For when your crush is super sweet:

For when your crush is a little busty:

For your crush that respects tradition:

For the crush that spends a little too much time fighting with the WiFi:

For the crush who knows the Union is the best building on campus:

For when your crush is in a sorority:

For your crush that studies too much:

For your crush who is still keeping up with their New Year’s fit plan:

For when your crush respects the most iconic restaurant in Columbus:

For the crush who understands the importance of public transportation:

And finally, for your crush who appreciates a drunken meal:


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