It’s official: Buckeye Donuts is one of the most iconic college restaurants in America

There’s a reason they’ve been around for forever

Buckeye Donuts just made the list of Ten Most Iconic College Restaurants in America and it’s about damn time. They’ve been around since 1969 and have been making our mouths happy ever since. Located in the heart of the campus area, Buckeye Donuts is sure to catch your attention either with their sign or the delicious smells of their yummy food.


Open 24/7 and 365 days a year, yes even Christmas, this is probably the one place you can take a relative who is an alumnus because they’ve been there and you guys can both enjoy a donut or breakfast sandwich while you reminisce about when High Street wasn’t getting gentrified.

To congratulate the best donut shop on campus, head on ever and get yourself a Buckeye donut, they help with those nasty weekend hangovers. Or if you aren’t too big on sweets, the gyro and french fry combo is amazing as well as inexpensive which is key for us college students.

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