Strictest abortion law in the nation vetoed by Gov. Kasich

The Heartbeat Bill proposed the banning of an abortion if a heartbeat was detected

Earlier today, Gov. John Kasich (R) vetoed the Heartbeat Bill, and signed a second bill, Senate Bill 127, forbidding abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

The Heartbeat Bill would’ve banned abortions when a fetal heartbeat is detected, sometimes as early as six weeks into a pregnancy. The Heartbeat Bill proposed one of the strictest abortion laws in the nation, allowing no exceptions for rape or incest. Kasich has expressed concerns about the legality and constitutionality of the bill in the past given it’s strict nature, and used his line-item veto to strike down the Bill, leaving the $100,000 appropriation to encourage adoption in tact.

“I agree with Ohio Right to Life and other leading, pro-life advocates that SB 127 is the best, most legally sound and sustainable approach to protecting the sanctity of human life,” Kasich said in a statement. Kasich has also stated that he believes that while abortion rights should be restricted, they should also make exceptions for cases of rape and incest.

SB 127 proposes a less stringent timeframe for women to receive abortions, cutting them off at the 20 week mark. The 20 week ban still does not make exceptions for rape or incest. The Ohio Right to Life supports this bill, as it forbids abortions once the fetus becomes capable of feeling pain.

For comparison, Ohio’s existing abortion laws restrict abortions after 24 weeks of pregnancy, with exceptions for rape, incest, and health complications for the mother.

The new abortion regulations will go into effect in 90 days.

Ohio State