Ohio Senate passes bill banning abortions if heartbeat is detected

It’s called the ‘heartbeat bill’

UPDATE: As of late December 6th, the Ohio Senate has passed the bill and it will now go before the the Governor, John Kasich.

After six years of debating, the Ohio Senate approved a bill that prohibits abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected. According to WBNS-10TV, this measure, being referred to as the “heartbeat bill,” is “one of the most stringent abortion restrictions in America.”

NBC4 says that opposers of the bill are fearful of future court battles because they believe the bill would be unconstitutional.

Now that the Senate has passed the measure, it will now move to the Ohio House of Representatives, which is currently under Republican control. The House has previously approved the measure in the past in hopes that the Senate would do the same.

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