It’s official: Pot’s is one of the best trash bars in America

Top 5 ain’t half bad

Over the last two weeks, students across the nation voted for their favorite college town bar as Best Trash Bar in America. The votes came in, and Pot’s at Florida State was voted number 4 out of the 54 bars that were nominated.

The description of your colleges favorite trash bar is  “your college’s trashiest bar is [the one] that you never really want to go to, but would never miss a night there. These are the bars you will drag your feet to, knowing by the time you leave you’ll be covered in sweat and liquor, soon to wake up with the world’s worst hangover. This is the trash bar that you love to hate and hate to love, where the Svedka flows freely and The Chainsmokers sing about pulling you closer over and over again.”

Pot’s is exactly that to a tee, as described in the article.

“In the light of day, Pot’s looks like an abandoned house that should have been condemned years ago, but after a lunchbox or two, it’s a palace. From Summer C freshman year to your very last game day, stumbling out of Painted and pouring yourself into the Uber will never get old. Purgatory has seen the worst of you, and happy hour the best. Pot’s is truly a home away from home.”

Though UF came in first with Fat Daddy’s (27-2, anyone?), Pot’s made a name for itself in the top five.

  1. Fat Daddy’s at University of Florida
  2. The pickle at UW-Eau Claire
  3. Midway at Ohio State
  4. Pot’s at Florida State
  5. Red Shed at UW-Madison

Congrats to Pot’s, the place we’ve all come to know and love. Thank you for Purgatory, Happy Hour, lunch boxes for days and for throwing an early St. Patty’s party so we don’t miss one of our favorite holidays on account of Spring Break. You made the top 5 trash college bars, and you truly are a home away from home.

Florida State University