Quinton Reddick has been released from jail and he’s texting students again

Alachua County Jail confirmed Quinton Reddick was released in April

Quinton Reddick was arrested in March as part of Operation Resilient, a sting operation which caught and arrested 15 men for soliciting minors for sex.

Today, the Alachua County Jail confirmed to The Tab that Quinton Reddick was released on bail in April. At the time of his arrest, UF students came forward to say they had been harassed by him online – and now he’s contacting them again to say hi.

UF students reacted by posting recent messages from Reddick to the UF Class of 2020 and Class of 2021 group pages warning them to avoid contact with him.

Most were shocked to hear he was released and contacting students again. After his arrest, The Tab interviewed several students who he harassed through social media. Even his roommates came forward about his manipulative and controlling behavior.

Reddick often set the AC to 80 or turned off completely—it was so hot his roommate woke up with heat exhaustion

Reddick has since been banned from the UF campus and could be arrested for trespassing if caught on the university.

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