We asked Hunter’s trans students what Trans Day of Remembrance means to them

‘It’s a day to stand up and declare that we exist and that we matter’

The following is a list of transgender people in the US who have been murdered this year.

Elisha Walker. India Clarke. Tamara Dominguez. Kandis Capri. Amber MonRoe. Shade Schuler. K.C. Haggard. Ashton O’Hara. Mercedes Williamson. London Kiki Chanel. Mya Shawatza Hall. Keyshia Blige. Kristina Gomez Reinwald. Brian Golec. Penny Proud. Taja Gabrielle de Jesus. Yazmin Vash Payne. Ty “Nunee” Underwood. Papi Edwards. Lamia Beard.

It is by no means an exhaustive list, as hate crimes against trans people are often not reported. But it shows that, despite Caitlyn Jenner getting a reality show, many trans people face significant challenges including violence. Trans people of color bear the brunt of this violence, with trans women of color making up the overwhelming majority of those killed.

Trans Day of Remembrance is a day to remember those we lost. We talked to some trans students at Hunter to see what the day meant to them specifically.

Dani Cyan, Film Major


“It’s a day when the people that are most often ignored get recognized as humans.”

Sam Meyerson, Studio Art

“I think it’s a day to remember the people that the dominant culture has tried so hard to erase.”

Jay, 20, Creative Writing

“I think it’s about acknowledging and honoring both the painful and joyful parts of our legacy.”

Ashton Santo, 17, Anthropology

WP_20151117_15_23_19_Pro“I believe it’s a day to honor those who have passed and to honor those who keep living.”

Tiffany, 19, Political Science

WP_20151118_18_02_31_Pro¬†“It is a day to acknowledge the¬†incredible violence faced by trans people, particularly trans women of color. It is also a day for us to stand up and declare that we exist and that we matter.”

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