Hunter College

Hunter to receive news show next semester

Journalism students can now be part of the fun

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You made it, now celebrate with Hunter

Refs have the final say in CUNY men’s soccer championship

Honestly, we’re still not sure what happened

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Baruch cried about it

Hunter to change response to sexual assault allegations

Is it two years too late?

Thanksgiving: Are you ready for your family interrogation this year?


How much do you expect to earn after college?

A comparison between student’s expected salaries and the facts

Bill Cosby’s honorary degree from John Jay has just been revoked

Amid students disrupting the CUNY Board of Trustees meeting right now, the budget request was approved and Cosby’s John Jay honorary was revoked

We asked Hunter’s trans students what Trans Day of Remembrance means to them

‘It’s a day to stand up and declare that we exist and that we matter’

A look into the lives of Hunter smokers

‘I’m naturally attracted to the naughty’

Why did you choose Hunter?

I took a quick survey on why fellow students chose the gem that is Hunter College

Million Student March protest happening at Hunter right now

NYC students assemble to protest tuition hikes, call for cancellation of student debt, and $15 minimum wage for campus workers, amongst multiple issues.

Where is the best pizzeria in NYC?

Because everyone loves pizza

QSU at Hunter: More family than union

We’re here, we’re queer and we’re pretty cool

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Why students are coming out for Sanders

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