Do you know who Jennifer Raab is?

Most people didn’t know

I can’t be the only one who thinks the Thanksgiving Day Parade is a waste of time

I’m surprised I have to explain this

Are you going to shop on Black Friday?

‘Hell no’

How much do you expect to earn after college?

A comparison between student’s expected salaries and the facts

Bill Cosby’s honorary degree from John Jay has just been revoked

Amid students disrupting the CUNY Board of Trustees meeting right now, the budget request was approved and Cosby’s John Jay honorary was revoked

How did registration go?

‘If you have priority, God bless you. If not, the system hates you’

What’s the best neighborhood in NYC?

You mean it’s not Bay Ridge?

We asked Hunter’s trans students what Trans Day of Remembrance means to them

‘It’s a day to stand up and declare that we exist and that we matter’

Where’s the best coffee around Hunter?

‘Anywhere with the cheapest coffee’

Should Hunter College be a ‘safe space’?

In the face of controversy and outrage, should Hunter and other colleges play it safe?

Dorm demolition: The future of the Brookdale campus

Rumors about Hunter College’s 25th Street campus closing are finally being addressed

A look into the lives of Hunter smokers

‘I’m naturally attracted to the naughty’

CUNY invests over $275,000 in private prison industry

‘We must liberate our schools for the people, only then will the school-to-prison pipeline end’

Why did you choose Hunter?

I took a quick survey on why fellow students chose the gem that is Hunter College

Is there a fuzzy Hawk suit in your future?

Yes we have a mascot at Hunter

A ‘Kafka-esque monstrosity of an institution’ and other nice ways Yelp reviewers describe Hunter

‘This school is so terrible I had to rate it’

Where is the best pizzeria in NYC?

Because everyone loves pizza