Textbook fashion: The best dressed people in Butler

Fashionable students never sleep

Ever find yourself stumbling out of bed, scrambling to put together an outfit (and yourself)?

Racing to Butler to copy your friend’s finish your Econ problem set due at 5pm?

If so, unplug your Playstation, pick up your pen and paper and take some notes: this is what Columbia’s fashionistas are wearing to Butler (and they probably got less sleep than you).

Saif Maqbool, Darius Khosrowshahi, Curro Ybarra, Tash Porter, CC sophomores


Black bombers and white trainers

Temitope Coker and Nomuundari Batdelger, CC sophomores

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Everyday monochrome

Sasha Mutchnik, CC freshman


California girl trying to stay warm

Chloe Slazas, BC freshman

Feminine edge

Sosa Osarieme, CC sophomore

Black and white

Arlena Olsten, CC sophomore and  Leila Ardehali, BC sophomore


Trendy with a little bit of edge

Victoria Alvarez-Rendueles, CC sophomore


The hunter

Lewit Bedada, CC sophomore

I thought I’d be productive

Charlotte Lepic, CC junior

The last clean shit in my closet

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