What you missed at Columbia this week

In case you weren’t paying attention

Reasons to leave campus – Brooklyn edition

Whether you’re Do the Right Thing or Broad City

Freshman food review: Koronet’s Pizza

‘It is the late-night carb snack that has satisfied Columbia students since time immemorial’

Do Columbia students feel safe after the Paris attacks?

‘We can’t change our lifestyle because that’s just capitulating to terrorism’

What you missed last week

In case you’ve been too busy studying or whatever

Blackout at Columbia

‘We’re at a moment, another peak in time, when black people are fed up with what’s going on in this country and this world’

Controversy at Basketball Mania after women players twerk

You be the judge

A drunken Saturday night at Koronet

‘I literally have the urge to rip all her hair out’

Students protested in front of Low over new rules of conduct

‘We demand transparency. We demand guaranteed hearings.’

Does anybody know where I can find the black students at Columbia?

I don’t see any

Where is a good place to spend Halloween this year?

‘Don’t go to the Lower East Side at 3 in the morning on Halloween, because clowns will follow you’

Hillary Clinton thinks we should work through college

Do you think a part time job can pay for tuition?

Do freshmen know about Columbia’s Adderall addiction?

‘I don’t know what Adderall is’

Prankster Shreyas goes to the career fair

Ever wanted to see a room full of professionals get trolled on? Here you go

Don’t worry, graduating Columbians walk into $60k salaries

Which is still the lowest out of all the Ivies

Sweetgreen: Leaf us alone

If it’s not hot, it’s not food

Does Columbia have an Adderall problem?

You tell me, Mr Ivy League

Pass me the aux chord: What music to listen to on campus and where

This is a Nickelback-free zone

Textbook fashion: The best dressed people in Butler

Fashionable students never sleep