I asked guys about 2017 fashion trends and their responses did not disappoint

‘Denim on denim is the DJ Khaled of fashion. OK in small spurts, but anything more than a little of it at once and I’ll want to shoot myself in the ear with a nail gun’

Last year, I asked guys for their opinions on fashion trends. They told me what they thought about chokers (I still fuck with them), Calvins (more irrelevant than Apple Music) overalls (not “over-them” yet), and sideboob (I still love you, sideboob).

I adore this year’s new trends and wear them daily, so I thought it was about time for Part II. With last year offering crucial insights like “chokers are the black belts of sucking dick,” how could I possibly refrain from asking new guys their thoughts?

Denim on denim

Given that I wear some variation of denim on denim daily, I was very curious to see if THIS was the reason I haven’t had a boyfriend in three years.

“Fire. I love it.”

“I fuck with it on girls but not on guys. If it’s on guys I like it to be two different shades of denim.”

“Denim on denim is chill. Blue is my favorite color so I don’t mind it. I get annoyed when people make fun of bloutfits and groutfits.”

“You look like John Lennon! Outfit is on point thought it has a pretty nice urban look. Shoes look like duck feet but they go with the outfit.”

“Denim on denim, yes. Must haves to accompany the look: A TAN (v important). I think it’s also the perfect outfit to accessorize to (shoes, sunnies, etc.)”

“I like denim on denim but that might be a me thing because I also wear a lot of cuffed jeans, converse, and leather jackets so maybe I just like Grease.”

“Denim on denim is the DJ Khaled of fashion. OK in small spurts, but anything more than a little of it at once and I’ll want to shoot myself in the ear with a nail gun.”

“Love it. If you can pull it off – which you do – it looks great and makes you stand out without being obnoxious.”

“For denim the first thought is the movie Grease.”

“Love the look plus unreal amount of possible Instagram captions with puns.”

Naturally, I asked him for an example. His response: “We denim boyz.”


“Love it. Blues my favorite color, and it’s super comfy.”

Turns out, the majority of guys really love this look, whether it stems from their love of Grease, or not.


feel like I'm cheating on @adidas

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“Love it, but maybe with like a tennis skirt though instead of jeans. That’d look so hot.”

“I love it when girls dress in athletic gear. They’re like ‘I don’t give a fuck, I’m not here to impress no one.’ I love fit girls.”

“Love athleisure. Perhaps my favorite trend. I’m personally very into the athletic look and fitness so even wearing athleisure makes me think of the girl in the gym.”

“Everyday. I think it’s just a fundamental part of fashion rn.”

“I like it because it’s sporty, but also classy.”

“I love it. Ultimately the goal of dressing should be style but comfort is a close second. I haven’t worn anything like this, but I imagine it would be very comfortable. Then you put a Nike, Adidas, Champion, etc. symbol on anything and it’s gonna catch fire.”

“HUGE athleisure guy. Yoga pants are god’s gift to men, and Lulu tops can make anyone look good. Couldn’t be a bigger fan.”

“Like Trump on Twitter, you’re standing on thin ice. It can be very hot, but too much and you’ll look like a lazy Russian hitman.”

“Sporty and fit.”

“Athleisure is perfect for our exercise-focused culture in a practical sense. Aesthetically, it looks great to show off what we want to show off, and it’s cozy as hell. Why not be cozy 24/7?”

“I dig it. Fit is sexy.”

“Only like it if you’re athletic and don’t like the neon/bright colored.”

Athleisure is arguably the biggest hit with guys, which doesn’t really surprise me. The very image of a female in her athletic gear, whether it be Nike, Adidas, Champion, Lulu, etc. is enough for a male to picture her in the gym, and guys love a gal who enjoys working out. Pretty ironic because I wear some beat ass clothes in the gym (t-shirts from when I ran that one road race in eighth grade, shorts I found in a bin for $2 at a thrift store, etc.) – my athleisure is too precious to get sweaty!

Sheer tops with no bra

Spotted #kendalljenner

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“Ehhh. I think it’s too revealing. I wouldn’t want a girl wearing that around my mom.”

“Is there any heterosexual male or homosexual female in the world who doesn’t like that? Lmk.”

“I value the free the nipple movement. Bras have a lot of negative effects on breasts, so I’ve heard. But this particular shirt is too much. For me I would be in favor of girls wearing clothes that show the shape of the nipples, but to have them completely visible like in the dress may be a little uncomfortable for others.”

“Initial reaction: strong dislike. After looking a little longer it grows on me. I don’t think I could ever say I like it or encourage someone asking for my opinion to wear it; but it’s not as terrible as I originally reacted. May be better in a less in your face color.

“I don’t think much needs to be said here. #freethenip.”

“That one is the best because free the nipple.”

“Hot but very provocative. A bit slutty, but I support it entirely. It’s very exposed so it depends on the environment. Like if a girl wore it to class I would probably think of it as a bit slutty versus if I saw a girl wearing it at the club I wouldn’t.”

“Support free the nipple 100 percent. If I can walk around everyone else should feel free to do so also. AND it’s eliminating the idea of perfect tits. Because all tits are perfect.”

“Fuck the patriarchy, eye-catching.”

“I’m a fan. Really nothing else to say but that.”

“Yes in Europe but no in the U.S. for that look.”

“Definitely lacking elegance.”

It was only recently that we stopped shaking with fear at the thought of seeing the outline of a female’s nipple under her shirt (because they look so different from male nipples), so I’m not surprised that sheer shirts with no bra have gotten such a mixed reaction. Even those who are #freethenip are a bit shocked to see full-on nipples in broad daylight.

For guys, this look definitely has a time and place dichotomy – weird in class, daylight, etc. but fine for night.  In their defense, I would personally find it weird to see a guy showing his nipples in class, so perhaps it’s not so much of a gender issue as it is a question of nudity in general.


“To me it’s kind of like a cheap escort would wear them.”

“Unreal. I think it’s the sexiest look. I think they’re hotter the larger they are.

“Nah. I like the studs better.”

“Ehhh not a huge fan. If we’re at a bar or a club dancing I’d be cautious about them getting caught in something and ripping your ear lobe.”

“I don’t have much of an opinion on earrings. As long as they aren’t weird ornate hippie things they all look pretty good to me.”

“Love it, all for it. Debate it for myself often (small ones of course) but I’m all in on the hoops. I don’t want to hear any bigger the hoop the bigger the hoe nonsense, throw the hair up and let the hoops play. Huge summer trend, interested to see how they fare throughout the fall.”

“I like hoop earrings but they’re semi-trashy. Like girls who wear hoop earrings are usually trashy.”

“Very classy. I’m personally a very big fan of them.”

“All about it with the right outfits. J-Lo is the queen of it.”

“I’m a longtime fan of hoop earrings, they stand out a lot more, and it’s nice to be able to notice a girl’s jewelry.”

“In a way they make me kind of paranoid because what if it gets stuck and then you tear your earlobe out.”

“They’re fun and stand out.

Hoop earrings offering the first time in world history when guys have been more concerned about a lady’s feelings than looks — do you really want your ear lobes ripped when your hoops get caught on something?

It seems like this summer’s trends are actually popular with men, so I’m definitely going to wear denim-on-denim to my next therapy appointment and ask why I’m still not attracting them. Wish me luck.