There’s a cat cafe in Ann Arbor, MI

It’s as purrrfect as I had imagined

In case you didn’t know, there is a cat cafe in Ann Arbor, MI called Tiny Lions Cat Cafe. Cat cafes are becoming very popular, especially in bigger cities, as people need a relaxing outlet. The idea is that people can visit the cafe, like any coffee shop or hangout spot, and bring work, a good book to read, or even your phone to catch some loose Pokemon, all while in the company of roaming cats.


Tiny Lions is run by the Humane Society in Ann Arbor, which means that the best part about the cafe is that all of the cats are adoptable. The cafe is actually more of a lounge, that is attached to a Biggby’s, which makes the experience even more pawsome. Sipping java and getting snuggles? Yes please.


Look at this little angel

You have to pay to play with the kitties, but it’s so worth it. The cost is $7 for one hour, or $4 for 30 minutes. There is also a system where when you purchase five visits at once, you get a discount at $25, and a punch card for each time you come in. All entrance costs are directed towards keeping the cafe open and caring for the kitties, and also towards the local humane society.



Tiny Lions has tons of events that are so adorable I can’t even handle it, I’m not kitten you. They have plenty of activities that will please anyone and everyone, ranging from yoga on Sunday mornings alongside the cats who have perfected stretching already, to mew-vie night for families where you can snack on popcorn with the cats too. You can even rent out the Tiny Lions Cat Cafe for special occasions and parties. I know where I’ll be having my next birthday bash.  

If you are completely in love with what you’ve just read, and want to give back to some furballs, you can learn how to begin volunteering here.