Your guide to this summer’s tennis outfits

Everything you need to become the next Serena Williams – or at least to dress as well as her

As Serena Williams wins her seventh Wimbledon title, you can’t help but want to pick up a tennis racket. Although you might have to work on your killer serve before you play a match, you should definitely work on your tennis wardrobe as well.

Looking and feeling great when you exercise is a must, so here are the tennis wardrobe essentials for your closet!

Patterned skirts

It is always fun to find unique tennis skirts. Look for one with a print that catches your eye and pair it with a solid top to get the full effect! With a simple top, your skirt will be the focal point of the outfit.

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And you will most definitely get compliments on it.

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Solid skirts

Although it is always fun to rock patterned skirts, you can never go wrong with classic black and white skirts. Since they serve as the simple part of the whole outfit, they can easily pair with almost any top.
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If the bottom portion of your outfit is plain, it gives you a chance to showcase a colorful or patterned top.
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Believe it or not, tennis balls used to be white. During the 1986 Wimbledon Championships, the tennis balls used were the iconic bright yellow color you all are familiar with today. 

This decision helped redefine tennis fashion, as players opted out of the formal white dress code and substituted it with pastel colors and eventually neon colors. Take advantage of this fashion shift and wear some bold colors!


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When picking out your tennis outfit, try to resemble the boldness of the tennis balls by always paying attention to color. You should feel energetic while moving around the court, so why not look vibrant while playing?

If you run out of tennis skirts, spandex are the perfect substitution. Usually spandex are black, but if you find the right pair they are a great way to showcase some color. So, next time you go shopping definitely keep your eye open for colorful spandex.


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Since tennis dresses serve as your whole outfit, they make your job as a wearer of clothing extremely easy. All you have to do is slip on the dress, throw on a pair of spandex and you are good to go! Not only are they stretchy and comfortable, but they are also fashion forward.


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If you find yourself playing tennis outside, visors are a must. They help block out the sun while adding another dimension to the outfit. And they give you a chance to rep your favorite vacation spot or your college (Go ‘Cuse!).


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It is always smart to layer, especially when it comes to playing tennis. Over-the-head or zip-up sweaters are perfect for warming up. However, make sure to wear a cute shirt underneath because you will most likely take off the sweater sooner or later (Go ‘Cuse…again!).


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When choosing which pair of tennis sneakers you want to purchase, keep two things in mind: color and comfort. Obviously they have to be comfortable, but they should also look bold and fun. Until your sneakers are worn out, you will probably wear the same pair of tennis sneakers with every outfit, so make sure you love them!

Confession: Those bright blue and yellow tennis sneakers were found in the men’s section because many stores do not carry colorful tennis sneakers for women. With that being said, do not be afraid to wander over to the men’s side if you see a pair that catches your eye!

Photos taken by Jagger Gillman