What to pack for your first year at Sheffield Uni

Not a wok

With move-in day this weekend, forget all the other condescending checklists splattered across the internet and ensure you have these essentials packed up for your time in the Steel City.

A sledge for getting around during the winter months

Once voted as officially the worst thing about Sheffield, the city has been long known for its treacherous terrain. Many a good man has been defeated by the Endcliffe mountain and the hellish Conduit, making sledge travel the only way forward. Not to be restricted to just recreational use, packing a sledge will lead you into a uni-long career of conquering every ascent and saving your calves.

A beach towel

Most will not be thinking of hours of Meditterrean sunshine while packing up for their first semester at Sheffield Uni, yet a beach towel is actually not a controversial choice. With the Diamond’s functional failings and finding a seat in the IC often turning into a Hunger Games style death match, a beach towel of your choice is the perfect way to secure your ideal studying spot. From nautical stripes to your favourite Disney character, avoid the library madness in style and stretch out all over campus with your very own beach towel.

Plenty of wavy garms to nab every photo opportunity

Before setting off on your way to the Steel City, you need to ensure that you’ve got the waviest of garms (preferably a large suitcase full) all covered. There’s no good meekly attempting this, a wardrobe fit for Sheff requires an aggressive overhaul of the finest 90’s patterns, oversized sportswear and crotchet. Complete with the correct headwear and drink, a place in Tuesday Club’s Hall of Fame could soon be yours.

Corp shoes

Selling out every Freshers’ Week, everyone knows that Corp’s grimy floor and Britney-esque uniform are a staple for every first year. While it might be our very own shithole, Corp is certainly an environment you need to be prepared for. Ditch the expensive footwear for this one and invest in some designated ‘Corp shoes’ to face the pungent and sticky conditions. The smell will be like no other and all attempts to save them will end in miserable failure, but you can rest assured that these serve you well. 

Bottled water

For all the thirsty boys in Viper.


Although passive-aggressive notes are a common sight in an Endcliffe kitchen, these will not prevent a fridge thief from taking what is yours. Have the last laugh and save your milk with a weatherproof combination padlock.

Cat treats/toys

Along with your winter transport to uni and beach towels, cat toys and supplies could help solve one of Sheffield Uni’s biggest mysteries: where has the Ranmoor cat gone? Some say that the popular feline friend was banned from student accommodation, while others have speculated that he is now locked away for the sake of his figure. Whatever the case, you could be the one to bring him back into the limelight.

Maternity jeans

If Sheffield is good for one thing, it’s fooderies. From having a sit down meal at 4am in Balti King, to tucking into chips from Sean Bean’s nephew in Broomhill Friary, the options for a post-last treat are endless. Added on top the hoards of falafel shops and burrito huts, the pounds are sure to pile on. So nurse that food baby in comfort with a pair of maternity jeans, jeans with an elasticated waist band. You can thank us later.

Novelty Straw

The pinnacle of class in Sheffield is nabbing yourself a £4 bottle of wine in West Street Live and drinking it with a straw. But why destroy the planet by using disposable straws each time? Keep a fun and personalised novelty straw at hand for all those impromptu nights to the hallowed WSL.  

High-vis vest

If climbing mini-Kilimanjaro all day long isn’t enough, the Richard Roberts crossing presents you with another grave challenge. Watch as the fearless and foolish dash in front of the ploughing traffic. Don’t be that kind of person, pitting your life on the line for the sake of a prime spot in the IC to eat your meal deal. Order a fetching yellow Hi-Vis vest (primary school cycling style) for your journey to uni today.

Happy packing!