Corp shoes: Where are they now?

RIP <3

Everyone has a pair of “Corp shoes.” The shoes they dare allow to touch the WKD, vomit and occasionally excrement covered floor of Corporation. For such an environment you must prepare. That means not wearing the expensive shoes that your parents bought you for your birthday, though we all know someone who has made that tragic mistake. In Sheffield, Corp shoes are a wardrobe staple, but what do they look like in the harsh light of day?
Izzy Raine, Politics 

That mould

Whilst most shoes only end up with an everlasting stickiness and irremovable dirt, Corp can also lead to your shoes growing mould. Turns out there’s only so much vomit a pair of shoes can take before they start to become a host for other life forms.

Tayla Howard, English Lit

They can never be saved

Daniel Scott, Dentistry 

That arty pose won’t hide the fact that those shoes look rank

Heather McDonald, English Language and Linguistics 

Dressing for a night out, or a muddy day at the Peak District?

Rory Morgan, Biology 

Corp juice completing that shabby chic look 

Darcy Caldicott, English Language and Linguistics 

Is that….vomit?

Well, that’s one way to break in your new Converse.
Daisy Collingwood, Geography 

The smell is like no other

Jacob Reznikov, Theology