‘They literally threatened to murder me’: Exposing the worst housemates in Newcastle

Sharing a house isn’t for everyone x

We’ve all had at least one housemate we were happy to see the back of – whether they were so messy it could have been considered a biological hazard or the ones who were honestly just weird.

 We asked you for your housemate horror stories whilst in Newcastle – and you delivered. We’ll leave it up to you to guess which housemates lived in Leazes.


Okay, what is it with people and chicken.

1. “My first-year housemate’s boyfriend would come to stay for the week and would get through two dozen eggs. The sink was always blocked from his scrambled eggs.”

2. “My housemate constantly cooked three chicken breasts a day for each meal – went through a solid eight or nine packs of chicken breasts a week. He’d bake them with no seasoning and then boil them off to get rid of the oil. Once he sent our fire alarm off at five am because of his boiling oil.”

3. “My housemate would drink powdered milk and leave his cup until mould was over the top of the cup.”

4. “He never left his room but when he did, he left baked beans loose on the counter.”

5. “They left raw chicken out for a week, and then cooked it for dinner and ate it.”


Honestly questioning how some of these people got to uni in the first place.

1. “Our housemate had a shit in our bath.”

2. “Shagging with the door wide open.”

3. “My flatmates in first year pissed in a cup and the sink and on the floor multiple times – agri boys.”

4. “They flooded the kitchen with water, mud and spaghetti.”

5. “Pissed in my whiskey.”

6. “Let a friend stay for a week in summer, they gave the key out till September. Came back to the full house trashed – nothing was left untouched. One guy refused to leave and locked himself in a room for a week, no clue who he was.”


I get we’re in an energy crisis – but let the fish live!

 1. “One girl kept unplugging my fish tank filter when I wasn’t in the house so all my fish would die.”

2. “My housemate threatened to stab me then got sectioned by the police and a psychologist.”

3. “She made me give her a list of reasons on how I would fix our friendship.”

4. “They smashed all my dishes because I left one out on the side.”

5. “They literally threatened to murder me.”

6. “Made us all contribute 5p towards the dish soap. Drew lines on his milk and weighed his butter.”

7. “He put all the rubbish from the house in my room after I moved out – got charged £200.”


Absolutely no words.

1. “My drunk housemate pissed on my bedroom floor and I had to clean it up at 6AM.”

2. “My housemate had a threesome on the sofa in the kitchen with a girl who had college the next morning, and the other one had a driving lesson.”

3. “Overflowing period bin, bath full of pubes, played country music non-stop, didn’t pay bills.”

5. “Found a used condom in one of the plastic bags we save for shopping in the kitchen.”

And the winner is…

I’m really sorry but this is actually awful

1. “Shagged my Mrs”

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