These are the best dog Instagrams in Newcastle

Who let the dogs out?

As the nights draw in and the weather gets colder making us all a bit melan-collie. After a ruff day in the Robbo it makes us all miss our poochies and snuggling up together on the sofa in the centrally heated living room.

So, just for you, we’ve selected the top 5 paw-some ‘gram accounts who make fetch happen and are totally fur-real.

@dellathedachshund ‘Della of Jesmond’

The Queen of Jesmond herself, this Insta documents her travels around J’mond and surrounding Tyne and Wear. She is a regular of many a university society such as NUWRC and NUBC. A super sassy independent lady that we can all look up to, with men (even the elusive Mr Robinson himself) falling at her paws!

Good for: If you want to see her in real life for cuddles ’n snax


This unusual pooch is a breed deemed ‘the rugby player’ of the dog world and you can see why with his barrel like appearance. His Mummy is a recent Business Management graduate and currently resides in Yorkshire although he has been spotted on the North Norfolk Coast. Spoiler alert look out for his Christmas Turkey outfit #comingsoon #cutenessoverload

Good for: If you like a outdoorsy pup and documents his growth from puppy to pooch


This Insta account is run anonymously and documents the lonely dogs of Jesmond Town. If you spot a lonely dog abandoned outside ‘Trose whilst “Mummy gets a coff” send in the photos and see if you make the cut.

Good for: Variety of dogs and possibility to contribute

@lordaugustus ‘Le Dog Of Montagus’

This Insta follows the adventures of Gus. He lives in Gosforth and is King of the pampered pooch with only the best Cathedral City in his breakfast every morning and regular trips to “le salon” for a trim by Sarah. Rumours are rife that he has the Gosforth King has captured the heart of the Jesmond Queen but I don’t think I believe it.

Good for: Regular posts and captions


This account documents Frank: he lives in Manchester with his Newcastle Animal Science graduate Mummy and Daddy. Frank-ly the most photogenic on the list, and a total cutie paw, I cant wait to see him dashund-ing through the snow.

Good for: Jumpers and ability to pose

So follow away to give you a new leash of life for exam season and to make you miss bae (unless your a cat person, ew). Don’t forget if you see Queen D strolling down Acorn Road don’t forget to stop for cuddles and wish her happy howl-idays.