University threatens to knock down Richardson Road (again)

RIP Ricky


A recent email to the current residents at Richardson Road confirmed plans to knock down and rebuild the student accommodation, presumably over the coming summer.

Is the biggest rumour around Newcastle finally coming true – is Ricky Road really being knocked down?

The accommodation has often been called the worst in the UK, but that’s never stopped the near-900 freshers living in the residency from having the best year of their lives.

Current Ricky Roaders told the Tab: “This news is pretty devastating. We’ll miss our prison-like concrete box, the ability to hear every conversation – and sexual encounter – around us, the crazy parties and the irrational heating”.



Chemical Engineering fresher Ellie Hiscock said: “Even though I won’t miss people taking my door off, or turning off the bathroom light while I’m trying to go – I can’t imagine Uni without Ricky Road.

“We might live in a shit hole, but it’s our shit hole”.

Even people from other accommodations are gutted.

Matthew, who takes Geography and lives at Central Link said: “I’ll just miss judging and taking the piss out of the peasants who live at Ricky.”

Interruptions are a common occurrence

Rob, a 2nd-year Geographer said: “Wherever you live in life, the memories will never beat those of a Ricky road fresher”.

Who could forget that time Debbie Dumpling gave a fresher “the time of his life” at a Ricky Road birthday party?

This is not the first time, however, that the university has threatened demolishment. Proposals to rebuild began in 2011.

Until Tuesday’s meeting, no-one really knows for sure when Ricky will go.

But it will be sadly missed.

The infamous white-painted brick walls

It might not have the Leazes appeal, but who doesn’t love a good brick wall, and that one crazy flatmate who will turn your room upside down, or set the place on fire.

The great fire of 2012

After all – “I’d rather be a Ricky than a cunt.”