Uni will be putting summer exams in Carnatic

Oh no they didn’t

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The University have decided to put some summer exams in Carnatic to make room for the expanding number of students.

A University of Liverpool spokesperson said: “Carnatic Halls will be used as a venue for a number of student examinations in the summer of 2016.”

Carnatic is not the only venue they opted to use, but a whole range of buildings on and off campus will host exams to accommodate the massive number of students.

The spokesperson told The Tab: “More venues across campus are being used for examinations due to the increase in the number of students studying at the university this year.”

You could be sitting your exam here…

It’s not all doom and gloom though as uni have kindly announced they will be covering bus transport to and from exams at Carnatic: “We will provide a free bus service to Carnatic for these examinations.”

Biomed finalist Ryan thinks using Carnatic is a great idea as it stops uni from rejecting future students: “That makes perfect sense to me.

“We should utilise the spaces  we already have on and off campus rather than rejecting new students or constructing more buildings  with our tuition fee money.”

Second year Pharmacology student Rob is pleased to know the university will be covering the cost of transport, however he is worried the journey to the exam might throw his game.

He told The Tab: “I think it’s good how the uni have offered to provide free bus services, but I couldn’t think of anything worse then getting on a bus with loads of people talking and putting me off focus for my exam.”

At least they haven’t made Saturday exams a thing.