Saturday exams could soon become a thing

We’re not joking

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Bum out jobsworths are weighing up having exams on a Saturday because they can’t hack how many students there are.

The uni are taking in more freshers next year, meaning the current two week slot for exams is under strain.

Under absurd proposals, the uni have suggested having exams on Saturdays, moving some exams to Aintree race-ground, sitting three exams in one day and having exams during revision week.

In a VITAL announcement, the uni said: “The University has grown a bit over the last few years and all the indicators are that it will continue to do so next September.

“As a result, the uni’s looking at a number of options to house large exams, and would like your feedback.

“This would only be from next year. If you have any thoughts, or preferred options, email your Student Vice Coordinator.”

Second year Psychology student Heidi entirely opposed the idea of three exams in one day.

She told The Tab: “It’s ridiculous. The University should be encouraging and improving student welfare.

“How is three exams on one say beneficial to our well being?

“We already have to sit exams in the Guild which is noisy enough, let alone having to put up with the stress of three exams in one day.”

Second year Music and Communications student Emily also disagreed.

She said: “I think consideration should be given to the potential additional stresses in changing exam venues.

“I would advocate the first Friday idea more than the Saturday, as I think exams start when they start and you can be ready if you know in advance.

“Rest is equally important and that’s what weekends should be for.”