Lincoln does it best

We really are just very very good

We all agree that Lincoln is the best uni ever and that we never want to leave. This goes without saying but if you need a little convincing here are a few reasons why we really are the very very best:

You can walk EVERYWHERE

Whether it’s on or off campus, you’ll be able to get there without the help of public transport, and that’s always a major bonus. If you have a car you might as well sell it so you have more money to spend on the high street.

So yeah, admittedly the locals aren’t too keen on us as we’re too lively but don’t worry there will be students absolutely everywhere and they’ve got our backs.


We’ve got lovely scenery

We also also have the Brayford which makes our campus look stunning and if you’re lucky enough you might even catch a glimpse of the infamous Durkeys that live there.

Be careful with the swans though,they have the same opinion as the locals when it comes to students waking them up at night.



We’re brand new

Lots of the facilities are brand new and there’s plenty more to come as the campus uni expands year on year. Lincoln just doesn’t stop giving.

It’s also one of the best uni’s to study architecture… I mean have you seen our cathedral?

Just bloody great architecture


Who says you have to go to Leeds for good nightlife?

Home of the Superbull and the mysterious Jay Jay, Lincoln is the place to be when it comes to nights out and it sure knows how to party hard.

Not many other unis are blessed with the presence of these legends, what else could you ask for? And when you get really wasted its never far for your friends to carry you before you get home.

Even the club toilets agree with us.


Steep Hill

If you ever actually manage to conquer steep hill you are rewarded with a trip back in time thanks to the quirky little shops and boutiques. You get to see the cathedral up close and personal and it’s definitely well worth the walk (we promise).

Especially around winter time the Christmas market is a must see and if the walk up there makes you hungry, you can visit the Burton Road Chippy, rated one of the best fish & chip shops in the UK.

Worth the trek

It doesn’t matter where you go in the city or what you do your guaranteed to have an awesome time and be constantly thinking about how much you love Lincoln.