The only thing that got me through a week in isolation was my Galaxy Book Pro

This laptop can actually deal with The Sims without sounding like it’s about to take flight


This week I tested positive for COVID and started the dreaded self-isolation period. After spending so much time out and about in Leeds, coming home to 10 days of quarantine sounded even worse than ever before. As I wondered what on earth I was supposed to do with myself, the postman brought me a pressie – a Galaxy Book Pro, powered by the Intel Evo platform. Self-isolation had arrived at the perfect time to have a play around with all the features on my brand new laptop.

On unboxing, I was surprised at how thin the computer is. They weren’t wrong when they called it a Galaxy BOOK – it’s literally as thin as, if not thinner than, my notebook.

Wouldn’t know if I was carrying a laptop or another book

I wondered if it could really pack a punch like a big PC. So, of course, after a swift set up with a nice clicky keyboard (an important factor if you ask me), I downloaded the most exhausting application for a laptop to put up with – The Sims.

Isolation never looked so good

Okay but look how good those graphics are. The colours are beautiful and bright, and the game runs super smoothly. The fan is so quiet which means the laptop doesn’t sound like it’s about to take off in the middle of gameplay, something I’ve gotten so used to with other devices. And I still can’t get over how intense the colours are on the screen.

I couldn’t help but test out the colours when making a graphic for an Insta account I run and once again, how stunning does that yellow look? The quality of the graphics also brought my Pinterest board to life, which is very very important if you ask me.

I never expected the colours to be so bright

Or that I’d feel like I could step into my Pinterest board

Of course, what’s isolation without an obscene amount of Netflix? (Despite TikTok already warning me my screen time was too high). My house has notoriously crap WiFi though – luckily this laptop runs data and can be loaded up with a sim card. No more buffering for me. I can’t help but think how this would have been so helpful for my Journalism degree and on trains home or when Eduroam was kicked down in halls last year.

However, I obviously needed to see how it would handle all that Adobe Premiere software that so quickly seems to exhaust any media student’s devices. I dragged up an old project from first year. I messed about with some editing and it was surprisingly speedy, and didn’t crash mid-project. So basically, this would have saved me all those stressful assignments, where I won’t have to anxiously save my project every 2 minutes in case of a random crash.

Overall, the Galaxy Book Pro is both a fab little isolation companion and a uni lifesaver. It has it all – even a satisfying sounding keyboard that will defo make essays a dream.