We asked Exeter students what they’re giving up for Lent

Two words: Exeter boys

Lent is a 40 day period during which Christians traditionally commemorate the days Jesus spent fasting. Nowadays, many people challenge themselves to give up things they usually rely on. This might be chocolate, Instagram or – more specific to Exe – Pret.

The Tab Exeter asked our Instagram followers what they’re giving up for Lent, and it turns out the answer is mostly Exeter Uni boys. Hate that I’m not surprised.

‘Saying yes to 12am booty calls’

Self worth. Nice one.

‘Dreams of a First’

Aren’t we all giving that one up.

‘Drunk sexting my best mate’

This sounds exciting. I say keep going.

‘Stealing from Marketplace’

You shouldn’t be doing that anyway. Tut tut.

‘My 8:30s – don’t need that negativity x’

So fairs.


Was expecting a few of these.

‘Perving on the fitties on top floor lib’

What’s wrong with those of us in -1?

‘Doing charity work in TP’

They’re not that bad.

‘Forum Hill’

Tricky to avoid.

‘Messaging the ex’

Was waiting for this one.


Somehow not convinced you’ll manage.

‘Getting scammed on Overheard’

Gonna be a hard task.

‘Talking in the Law Library’


‘Mega Kebab after Unit’

Hotspot instead?

‘Trying to find a space in the Forum’

Mondays are packed, but everyone gives up by the end of the week and the library is empty.

‘Maths boys’


‘Being ill’

Freshers’ flu never leaves.

‘Men who aren’t emotionally available’

Think that’s all of them.

‘Sex with tennis players’

Like professional tennis players?

‘The gym’

Massively agree with this.

‘Talking to my diss supervisor’

Gonna be honest, not sure that’s the most sensible idea.

‘What’s Lent?’


‘Telling myself I’m never drinking again’

Classic post TP Friday statement.


We know that’s not gonna happen.


Again. Not gonna last.

‘Getting with lads with mullets’

Move onto the curtains maybe? Buzzcuts?


So cheap and so great though.

‘The second and third coffee of the day’

So difficult when Pret is just so close by.

‘Four day benders whilst I’m trying to write my diss’

Approve of this.

‘My boyfriend’

You ok hun?


Hinge instead? Bumble?

‘Hockey boys’

They are quite attractive, cut yourself some slack.

‘My degree’

Happy to join you on that one.