Edinburgh University live Covid cases have fallen by more than 200 in a month

The University is currently reporting 40 live cases

As of the 13th of November, Edinburgh University has reported 40 live Covid cases amongst staff and students.

This is a decrease in over 200 cases in a month. The university reported 268 cases on the 5th of October.

These cases include individuals who have reported a positive test to the university, and Edinburgh University is asking students and staff to report positive tests and self-isolation.

Edinburgh University told The Tab Edinburgh in statement regarding the figures: “The figure shown on our website is not a cumulative total of all positive cases we have been made aware of amongst our staff and students.

“Once an individual has tested positive, they are required to self-isolate for 10 days, and we record and report on this webpage the number of individuals who are currently self-isolating following a positive test result.

“This number is updated daily and as positive cases recover, is adjusted accordingly.”

Edinburgh is currently still in Tier 3 restrictions, but the city has seen a decrease in the number of new daily cases.

Students at the university will have the opportunity to take a Covid test on campus before returning home for Christmas.

Students and staff can submit Covid related enquiries through this webform and can tell the university if they are self-isolating through this form.

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