Edinburgh street signs given a Black Lives Matter makeover

Dundas Street was transformed into “Emancipation Street”

Last Friday, anti-racism activists in Edinburgh hung up a variety of alternative street signs in support of Black Lives Matter.

These new signs represent yet another criticism of Edinburgh’s involvement in colonialism and the slave trade.

Among the street names changed was Dundas Street in New Town, which was changed from Dundas Street to “Emancipation Street.”

Dundas Street is named after Henry Dundas, an individual who pushed for “gradual abolition,” thereby delaying the end of the legalised slave trade by 15 years.

Other signs provide alternative names to streets and instead give educational statements. For example, Queensberry House in Canongate was renamed “Reparation House.”

Additionally, signs reading “Teach Colonial History” and “Honour Black Lives” were put up at James Gillespie High School and Regent Terrace respectively.

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