Thousands attend Black Lives Matter protests in Edinburgh yesterday

Lewis Capaldi joined the protesters in Holyrood Park

On Sunday, thousands attended Black Lives Matter protests in Holyrood Park, including Lewis Capaldi, who lives in West Lothian.

Black Lives Matter protesters gathered in Holyrood Park as part of a peaceful protest in memory of George Floyd who tragically died in the hands of the Minneapolis police two weeks ago.

Lewis Capaldi was seen giving fans a thumbs up as he stood with them in solidarity and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Despite pleas from polictians to follow lockdown rules and stay at home, protesters did their best to maintain social distancing rules, with almost all seen wearing face masks.

This protest comes as part of various across the UK, to protest against police brutality and for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Crowds gathered holding signs reading “justice now” and “Scotland is not innocent”, whilst chanting anti racist slogans throughout the two hour event.

There were also speakers throughout the protest, including one who read out the final words spoken by George Floyd before he died.

No arrests were made by the police in Edinburgh at the protest, with them confirming that the demonstration was peaceful.

The police maintain the stance that they would rather people do not protest and instead find other ways to attend and avoid mass gatherings. This follows Nicola Sturgeon warning Scots that the protests could pose “a real risk to life”.

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