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Cov Uni have forbidden the dodgeball team from apologising for anti-Semitic white t-shirt social

The team have not apologised to JSoc


Coventry University have told the dodgeball team not to speak to any press outlets after two members were pictured in Empire wearing t-shirts with swastikas and "the Jews deserved it" written on them.

The uni told The Coventry Tab they "have asked that press enquiries are referred to the press office," rather than the boys themselves, until their investigation is complete.

When asked whether the students should be given the opportunity to publicly own up and apologise for the incident themselves, the university repeated their desire to have all comment go through the press office. Members of the dodgeball team repeatedly refused to comment and The Coventry Tab can confirm they have not apologised to the Jewish Society.

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T-shirts reading: 'The Jews deserved it'

Boys from the dodgeball team were pictured in Empire on Wednesday, wearing t-shirts with swastikas, "the Jews deserved it", and "Judas is a sell out" written on them.

The pictures were posted onto Empire's Facebook page and reported by the President of the Coventry University Jewish Society, resulting in the immediate suspension of the dodgeball team's training and socials. The pictures were subsequently deleted.

The incident was reported in The Daily Star, the BBC and in American outlets Fox News and The New York Post.

Coventry Jewish Society told The Coventry Tab the boys' actions were "unbelievable" and "hurtful". The society told The Coventry Tab they have yet to receive an apology from the boys.

At the time a spokesperson for the university said: "We do not tolerate anti-Semitism or any form of hate crime,” a spokesperson said. “We are deeply concerned about this matter."