Cambridge University Chamber Orchestra

HARRY DADSWELL enjoys a competent CUCO performance, but wishes they could just be a bit more, well, daring.

CUMS Concerto Competition

Mid-term virtuosity reminds JOHN CLAPHAM why it’s all worth it.

Review: Cambridge University Symphony Orchestra

JOE CONWAY : ‘The powers-that-be had decided to do without an overture or curtain-raiser and the Steinway grand was ready with its lid up, a bit like a lion with its jaws open.’

Review: Cambridge University Chamber Orchestra

JOE CONWAY: ‘A dynamic conductor, a flamboyant soloist, and CUCO very near the top of its form.’

Review: Britten Sinfona at Lunch

GUIDO MARTIN-BRANDIS: ‘The Britten Sinfonia is a constant font of true musical excellence in Cambridge, and this concert was no exception’.