REVIEW: Cambridge Shorts

A fascinating and varied collection of student film-making

REVIEW: The Producers

Obscene, offensive, and downright hilarious

REVIEW: UCPO Lent Term Concert

A pleasing performance of a well-chosen programme

’27 Seconds’

A look at an exciting new project coming to the Cambridge Shorts

REVIEW: Snow Orchid

A moving depiction of a highly dysfunctional family

REVIEW: Spoiler Alert

A witty satirisation of identity politics

REVIEW: Swan Lake

CUBC’s headline production does not disappoint

REVIEW: Coriolanus

A performance of thrilling highs and disappointing lows

Heard something you think
we should know?

We want to look into your case


REVIEW: Stormface

Intertwined stories of femininity

REVIEW: Patrick Wilson’s Apologies

Dark, introspective comedy makes for wicked hilarity

REVIEW: I.M.P.R.O.V: The Improvised ’90s Sitcom

“Are you the melon who impregnated Jeffrey?”

Review: ‘Boys will be Boys’

A chilling tale of a woman in a man’s world

REVIEW: Wander

Enter a young girl’s magical world to watch her learn how to leave it behind

REVIEW: Far From the Madding Crowd

An intimate look at love, independence and sheep

REVIEW: Spring Awakening

A coming-of-age drama which explores innocence and its consequences


“Please, don’t vote for me”