Meet the Candidates

Including a PhD, a nurse and an amateur DJ

Bernie Sanders in Cambridge: ‘We have a very strange president’

Bernie on climate change, Corbyn and crooked leaders

Cambridge History Faculty responds to reform at Oxford

Oxford is introducing a compulsory ‘non-British and non-European paper’

News Column: Cambridge conspiracies and Sidney knifed in the back

Read it to be sure it isn’t about you

LIVEBLOG: General Election Debate

All the big dogs are in town

Jeremy Corbyn to take part in General Election Debate

Theresa May still plans to be absent

News Column: Memeception and Trinity Tipples

Read it to be sure it isn’t about you

MessML: Spanish exam interrupted after students given transcript

It’s happened again

Cambridge flags at half mast for Manchester victims

Several Cambridge colleges are paying tribute to the victims of the attack in Manchester

Caius college announces first female Master

She’ll come into post in late September 2018

News Column: Cannibal Crows and Cringe-Worthy Cindies

Read it to make sure it’s not about you

Jonathan Pie comedian gives rape joke speech at Cambridge Union

Students claim Tom Walker trivialised sexual assault in shocking Union debate

EXCLUSIVE: Pembroke May Ball Headliner Announced

It’s a big year from Pembroke

Union to host Emma Thompson

An unexpected announcement

Cambridge may be getting an underground metro system

Bid goodbye to your bicycle, folks

Cambridge tops Guardian’s 2017 league table

Your ego is safe for another year.

Homerton breaks world record

Rowing for more than 3 days straight

LIVEBLOG: CUSU Super Council

Broken budgets, new trustees and NUS affiliation all on the table