Girls are painting others girls’ nudes and we’re here for it

This is the best trend of 2020 and you can’t change my mind

We’ve seen a lot of trends so far in 2020, from the Tiger King version of Savage constantly playing in our heads for most of April, to the wipe challenge that took over June. I live in a constant wondering of what our collective TikTok brain will decide to be the next supreme of trends and oh boy have we got a good one.

If you happen to find yourself in the beautiful world of bisexual tik tok (sorry straight boys, you can’t have this one), you may have seen a trend starting amongst the cuffed jeans and coloured fringes. Young female artists are delving into the world of life drawing (painting naked pictures) but with a twist. Instead of forcing some poor uncomfortable soul to sit naked and freezing for hours while they get the nipple just right, this wonderful trend is actually them painting their own nudes.

via: @melonreed1 on tik tok

That’s right, while boys are taking blurry, weirdly positioned dick pics (that honestly no ones wants in the first place) girls are creating LITERAL ART out of their nudes. And its not just themselves they’re painting, as the trend has begun to grow a lot of young artists are taking on commission pieces. That’s right, you can send your perfectly captured nude to someone who will actually appreciate it and have them turn it into a masterpiece.

One artist that have been quick to hop on the trend is 20 year old Ellen Reed from Milton Keynes. “I saw a trend on TikTok where you draw your own nudes and had to have a go. I got a lot of interest when I posted it, so I offered to draw some for my friends”. When asked what was so special about drawing nudes, Reed said “I just love how every women’s body is so different, so every drawing feels fresh and new to me… I also love the idea of making girls see their bodies in a new light, lots of people that have asked have been nervous about the idea and ended up loving seeing their nudes as a work of art.” And honestly, who wouldn’t?!

@melonreedart on Instagram

For Reed though, this isn’t just another TikTok trend, she’s trying to make a career out of it. “I definitely see myself doing this for a long time,” she told The Brookes Tab, “I lost my job during lockdown, so I’m try to start up a small business doing this, although I’d like to branch out and explore new styles.” So if you’re looking for a bit cheeky bespoke art to jazz up your new student house, why don’t you pick out your best nude and head over to Reed’s instagram! We love women supporting women, and even more when it gives us a chance to embrace our natural beauty. I can honestly say I think this is the best internet trend of 2020, and my little bisexual heart thanks you so much for it.