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A University of Birmingham first year has died

The cause of death is believed to be accidental

The University of Birmingham Department of Political Science and International Studies have emailed students to notify them of the death of a first year.

The student has been named as Eddie Fitzgerald, who was studying BA Political Science with Philosophy.

In the email to students, a spokesperson for the Department, Richard North, said:

"I am very sorry to be writing to tell you that we have been informed that a first year POLSIS student died over Easter weekend. Eddie Fitzgerald, a student on the BA Political Science with Philosophy, sadly died in what appears to be accidental circumstances.

"Some of you will have known Eddie and will understandably be affected by this very upsetting news. If you have been affected we can offer you support through our welfare team (Jen Hayes and Warren Evans), who you can contact either by dropping in to see them on the 6th floor of Muirhead tower, or by emailing them for an appointment at: [email protected]"

Students affected by the news of Eddie's passing are strongly urged to make use of the facilities available at the university.